Want to Learn More About Filmmaking?

Tired of traditional art classes? Looking for something different? Mist VFX offers different types of career oriented courses to aspiring students. This is an exciting opportunity to explore your creativity through mixed media. We offer Foundational Master Art Classes. Gain access to exclusive video lessons taught by film & production masters. Become a better filmmaker & VFX artist with several intensive seminars offered throughout the year in our workshops. Our courses include lessons about: Rotoscopy, Matchmove & Rotomation, Clean-Up, Computer-generated imagery, VFX pipeline, Compositing, Motion capture and Virtual Reality. You will understand how to manage photo references, study the technical challenges of composing and designing 2d/ 2.5d paintings. Learn VFX from artists who have worked on major films and video games from all around the world. Careers-Evening with guest speakers and the possibility to talk with industry professionals to find out current insights in the Film & VFX industry. After completing our course in Visual Effects, you can get to work as a FX Artist, VFX Generalist, Roto Artist, Matchmove/ Rotomation Artist, Paint Artist, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Concept artist and Compositor, to name a few. MIST VFX Studio provides job placement assistance to students on successfully completing their course. The cost of VFX course varies on the basis of course type and course duration.


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