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MIST VISUAL EFFECTS studio: outsourcing partner & Production Services

With a company philosophy based on service and quality, MIST VFX STUDIO prides itself on delivering shots of the highest standard in an efficient and timely manner. We value data security & privacy. Hence we strictly follow MPAA guidelines and are TPN certified. Transparency is the key to building trust in business. In our facility we do not outsource the work to other companies or freelancers, all tasks are accomplished inhouse under strict quality management system.

MIST VFX’s team of award-winning artists with decades of experience provide excellent services in ROTOSCOPING: VFX Roto, High-Resolution 8k Footage, Green & Blue Keying, Stereo Conversion, Matte Extraction; PAINT AND PREP: Wire Removals, Rig Removals, Camera & Reflection Removals, Crew & Object Removals, Clean plate Creation, Dust & Scratch Removals; COSMETIC FIXES: Tattoo Clean-ups, Wrinkles & Crow’s feet Clean-ups, Beard & Hair Removals, Face & Body retouches, Acne scars & Age spots removal, Digital Beauty makeup; MATCHMOVE: Camera Tracking, Object & Layout Tracking, Body Tracking (Rotomation), 2D & 3D tracking; COMPOSITING: Crowd Duplication, Monitor Screen Comp, Set Extension, Mobile Screen Composite, Stereo Alignment; ANIMATION: 2D Animation Services & 3D Animation Services, 3D Modelling, 3D Texturing & Lighting, 3D Rigging, 3D Character Design; CONCEPT ART: Characters, Environments, Vehicles, Props, Key Frames; FLUID SIMULATION; STORYBOARDING; 2/3D MATTE PAINTING; ILLUSTRATION; VR & AUGMENTED REALITY CONTENT CREATION.

MIST VFX’s quality management is a process of continual improvement that includes learning from past projects and making changes to improve the next project. Our clients are given the opportunity to express satisfaction and identify areas in which project communication could be improved. Experience shows that customer satisfaction is a key factor in determining whether businesses thrive in the production environment. We want to become our clients’ most trusted partner because their successes are a measure of our own growth. To help them achieve their targets, we constantly expand our knowledge and develop our skills.

MIST VFX’s Visual Effects Producers quote on a flexible bid basis after reviewing the footage and references outlining the scope of work. Rough estimates from an offline or detailed description are also possible. Our data wranglers can pull down footage from production FTP or we can set up a secure Aspera & FTP account on our end. The scale and scope of any project can sometimes seem daunting, but we will guide you through it and meet any challenges head on, together. We meet your deadlines, budgets, and requirements to produce tangible business results. We have completed over 100 projects with our consistent delivery of pixel perfect digital imagery.

MIST VFX STUDIO is directly working with Motion Pictures Studios and with Visual Effects Companies all around the globe.

A FEW OF OUR clients:
We’re creative - responsible - involved - growing - transparent

Digital Excellence is Our Mantra. MIST VFX STUDIO is not just dedicated to making our team work for your vision, we’re committed to helping you with our tools to explore the visual possibilities, fix problems and position your production for success. We are always ready to help our clients so that they never feel left alone with a project.


pixel to pixel rotoscoping pixel to pixel
Roto artists manually draw around and cut out objects from movie frames so that the required parts of the image can be used, a process known as rotoscoping. Our Roto Artists ensure consistent frame rates on all rotoscoping assignments.
A keen eye paint and prep A keen eye
Our Prep artists clean up the backgrounds of live action-footage ready for the effects to be layered onto it by the compositor. The shots they work on, known as plates, either moving or still, don’t have foreground action.
labour of love cleanup labour of love
Whether wire or rig removal, clean plate generation, adding or removing elements, Paint is where the magic in VFX happens. We work with the latest technology providing utmost quality in VFX Paint & Prep output.
tracking the camera Matchmove tracking the camera
Camera, object or body track, are passed on to the other departments via our VFX pipeline. Tracking, Calibration, Point-cloud Projection, Ground-plane determination, Reconstruction in 2 or 3d. We provide also on film set measurements.
Ink and drop CONCEPT ART Ink and drop
We are the first Indian company to provide this service for some of the biggest franchises in the Entertainment Industry. Our Concept artists create artwork to inspire the look in a film or TV production, commercial, VR or Augmented Reality.
E=mc^2 Matte painting E=mc^2
We love movies and master the principles of drawing, starting with the rules of perspective. Three dimensional geometric shapes or descriptive geometry, we understand how to use it. We are experts in 2D & 3D projection mapping.
Paint with light compositing Paint with light
Our Compositors create the final image of a frame, shot or VFX sequence. Realistic lighting is a key one of these. We recognise what makes an image appear realistic in terms of light, colour, composition and perspective.
solid grid Fluid Simulation solid grid
Physical simulation of fluids is one of the most interesting and challenging problems in our Industry. We present a novel technique for simulating detailed fluids and researching dynamic systems based on coarsens the eulerian fluid grid.
pixel pitch and resolution LED Systems Content pixel pitch and resolution
With an Eye on the future, we research and help to visualize complex scenes for Previs, techvis, postvis, motion capture, vr, ar, simul-cams, virtual cameras, and real-time rendering for high-resolution modular LED screens & real-time surround stages.
Bits and bytes Programming Bits and bytes
The demand for high-quality apps & tools continues to soar, and a practical tools development process is critical for our global industry. Our programmers have knowledge of following language: C, Go, C++, Scala, Kotlin, Objective-C , Java and Python.
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